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Logging ServicesWashington Logging
Do you have a stand of trees? Wondering what the value is? Now is the perfect time to tap into additional income that can be generated from your timber.  Prevent dangerous forest fires with logging and forest management from our Certified Logger and encourage the healthy growth of forested areas by strategically removing trees from overgrown areas with TH Logging LLC. Using top-of-the-line equipment and our expert knowledge, we provide professional service while keeping any damage to a minimum.

Land Clearing
Protect your land from fire hazards and promote ideal growing conditions for timber with brush clearing services from TH Logging LLC. This service eliminates vegetation and keeps fuel down, so in the event of a fire there is less to burn.  Avoid having your home or business damaged by dead trees with removal services from TH Logging LLC. We properly & expertly remove any dangerous trees that may pose a threat to your building, property, or family.

Site Prep
Need a building site prepared... We can clear trees, brush and grade your site so you are ready to go, Once we get your site cleared we can remove or burn the debris. Contact us at (360) 600-5506 for additional details.